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How to contribute

To contribute to People Reading Poems, simply follow these 5 easy steps.  You could be done in ten minutes, so I don’t know what you’re waiting for!

(I will undoubtedly be back to make the steps even smaller and easier once I’ve established how much instruction my mother requires to attach something to an email…)

Step 1. Choose a poem to read.  Any poem at all will do, I welcome contemporary poetry, canonical poetry, children’s poetry, slam poetry, poetry from oral traditions, original compositions if you like, in any language you please.  As long as it’s something you like and want to make part of this project, then send it right along! 

Step 2. Find a microphone, plug it into the computer and make sure the volume’s not set to zero – I use the one in my skype headset.

Step 3. Locate your computer’s sound recording device – if you’re running Windows then you can find it under Accessories in the Start menu, or just type ‘sound recorder’ into the search box.  I don’t know anything about Macs but will get back to you once I’ve asked someone who does! Peter recommends downloading a freeware recording device called audacity. I haven’t tried it yet but apparently it’s very intuitive and offers things like noise reduction, so could be a good thing to try.

Step 4. Record your poem and save it somewhere you’ll know where to find it!  Play it back a few times to make sure you’re happy with it, and that all the words are clear and audible.

Step 5. Send me your poem as an email attachment to, making sure to include your name (if you want – anonymous submissions are also fine), and more importantly the name of the poem and the name of the poet in your email, along with anything else you’d like me to say about it! If you have a website or blog you’d like me to link from your post, stick the link in the email also.

I will then upload it to the blog as a new post ASAP, and email you back to let you know that I have done so.

For legal reasons I ask you not to type out the full words of any poem in the comments section unless you are positively sure the poet has been dead for more than seventy years.  If you do this, I will unfortunately have to delete the comment. 

I also reserve the right not to publish recordings or comments that I judge to be gratuitously hurtful to a living individual or group, and ask you to be considerate in your comments on other people’s readings.



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